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Wherever you travel, whether it is in a tropical jungle or a modern city like Jacksonville if you plan you will have much better experience. Here are some suggestions from travelers who have been there and suffered.

  • Weather

Good weather can make your trip great and bad weather can spoil you. Make travel plans where you’re going. Check if the month you are traveling is the season of hurricanes or monsoons. It will also help you decide what you put in your suitcase.

  • Health

Go to the doctor or health clinic travel specialists at least six weeks before travel. The doctor will tell you if you need any vaccinations. If you go to another country, do not forget your travel insurance.

  • Cultural clashes

Another rule when visiting another country is to respect the culture of the country you are going to visit. In many places, it is obvious such as it is not appropriate to enter churches, temples or mosques in shorts or tank top. It also helps to say a few simple phrases in the language of the country you visit.

  • Common sense

Sometimes you might take a risk on your adventures. Stop and think: what you would not do at home, do not do when you’re traveling.

  • Arrive safely

Try to reach a new destination during the day. It is much easier to get your bearings. The places you might need such as banks or offices to buy tickets are open.

  • Book your accommodation in advance

If you’re traveling in high season, it is much better to book your accommodation in advance. Major hotels in Jacksonville have a global network of central reservation; you can make reservations for the entire duration of your trip.

  • Ask the experts

The world can change quickly, so research on the countries you plan to travel. Authorities can advise you about anything that concerns you or about restrictions, visas, etc.

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